Saturday, March 22, 2014


Experimented with some marbling inks the other weeks, it's much easier than I thought and I really like the effects it's given me. I found a stash of old drawings that i've never really done anything with so I used it for this.

Finished off two illustrations tonight that I had laying around. They didn't turn out as expected, but oh well.

Resource Book- Collage stuff

Just playing around with some collage stuff for my uni resource book. I got some paper packs from Daiso.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Gold Magic, Blood Weirdos and Moomba

I went to this exhibition last Friday called Gold Magic, Blood Weirdos which was curated by this great artist named Sean Morris. Other well known artists who were in this exhibition was Ghostpatrol, Mel Stringer and a couple of others. Here's a couple of pics from the night:

A pic of me and my close friend Suesue.


Thursday, March 6, 2014


Been doing a lot of drawing of cocktails at the moment, they're just fun to me for some reason.
I've told myself to stray away from using pink but it always ends up happening.

Recette De Cusine Paper Sampler

Paper Sampler project for Spicer's Paper.

Study Tour Spreads

There was a different version of this, but I went back to this one because I liked the textures better.



Random fashion stuff

Food Inspired stuff?

Inspired by Kokoro Ramen
Inspired by Doughboy Donuts?

Various Stuff

I’ve been trying to keep myself motivated by doing some drawings, playing around with different patterns, textures and mediums. I’m short on ideas on what to draw though, so if anyone has any suggestions. I’m also posting a lot more to my tumblr these days. I’ve been playing around with different styles all year and for most of it I was doing more vector-based stuff. I think I prefer this more hand drawn + digital approach.

St Kilda Film Festival

Haven't posted in a while on blogger,  I kind of forgot I had this for a while! Now that uni is starting up I'll be posting more of my work and just random doodles and illustrations. A lot of my content online right now is pretty sloppy, hopefully I'll fix that up in the upcoming months.

This is a poster I did for a festival brief last year, the project is up on behance.